Surveying Instruments Training Courses

Survey Equipment for Hire

Survey Induction and Refresher Courses

1.    Leveling from sub-base to finished levels, with a difference
2.    GPS/GNSS Positioning for the empowered surveyor
3.    Theodolites and total stations from office to field
4.    HP Survey 35 and 50 - calculations made easy
5.    The application of TS34 flatness standards
6.    Civil and construction cutting-edge technology

Special Applications and Software

7. From Ceaser to Trimble Machine Control – you name it

Soils and Thin layer Density Courses

8.    Troxler Safety and Operation – Certification for RPOs and Technicians
9.    Ionising Radiation Internal Rules for compliant companies

Laser Operator and Safety Officer Course

10.    Laser techniques and LSO Safety Codes in non-ionising radiation


Allen Associates - Surveying Instruments Training Courses

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