Surveying Equipment Hire South Africa

Daily Hire Rates:

Please note that hire prices quoted are VAT excluded and are payable in advance.

Equipment Once off Daily Rate
 RTK and GPS    
GeoFennel RTK GPS System


GPS Garmin (Montana 680) R95-00 R95-00
Comnav G200 Ntrip R500-00 R500-00
Total Stations    
Total Stations - including Stonex, Nikon, Topcon (from) R350-00 R350-00
Ceaser Field & Psion Workabout R150-00 R150-00
Getac with FieldGenius R150-00 R150-00
Opto-mechanical Theodolites R170-00 R170-00
Electronic Theodolites R195-00 R195-00
Automatic Levels    
Construction (2mm/1km) R95-00 R95-00
Engineers (0.5mm/1km) R115-00 R115-00
Construction Lasers    
 Pipe Lasers R350-00 R350-00
 Rotating Lasers (from) R250-00 R250-00
 Measuring Devices    
 Bosch DL150 Laser Distancer R70-00 R70-00
 Measuring Wheels R45-00 R45-00
 Tape Measures (All lengths) R20-00 R20-00
 EziCat Geomax cable and pipe detector (per day without operator) - In for service    
 EziCat Geomax cable and pipe detector (per hour with operator) - In for service    
 Quality Assurance    
 Troxler 3430 Nuclear Densometer POA POA
 Concrete test hammer HT225A R50-00 R50-00
 Miscellaneous Equipment    
 Tripod (Wood) R15-00 R15-00
 Tripod (Alluminium) R15-00 R15-00
5m5p Aluminium Staff R15-00 R15-00

Allen Associates - Surveying Equipment Hire

All above instruments are certified to factory specifications

Monthly charges are based on  22 days.

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