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Theodis ERT 5 Total Station 125-14016-92

Theodis ERT 5 Total Station

The ERT-5 Reflectorless Total Station is an affordable 5" accuracy instrument designed for construction applications.

The measurement programs provide angle/distance, missing line, remote elevation and area measurement functionality.

The instrument has no onboard memory or no data input/output capability. A laser plummet provides convenient setup over survey marks.


Telescope magnification:   >30x; Effective diameter of objective: 45mm
Distance Measurement: White Reflector sheet: 1m to 60m (90% reflective); Reflective Sheet RP30: 1 to 500m;Reflective Sheet RP60: 1 to 700m; Reflective Sheet

RT50SK: 1 to 600m;Mini Prism: 1m to 1,200m; Single Prism: 1m to 5,000m  
Distance Accuracy:  Prism/Precise Mode: ±(3 + 2ppm x Dist.) mm
Angle Measurement: Horizontal angle: Dual; Vertical angle: single; Minimum increment: 1" or 5"
Laser Plummet Accuracy:  ±0.8mm / 1.5m
Memory & Input/Output:  No memory or I/O capability
Battery Life: Will operate for 4 hours when taking continuous distance/angle measurements

Standard configuration includes:

Carry Case
Adjusting pin
Screw driver
Silica gel
Instrument manual
Cleaning paper of lens
Two reflective sheets
Rainproof cover

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