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FMR 700-M-C Set 125-14016-3789

FMR 700-M-C Set

FMR 700-M/C Set

Machine Control Receiver Set.

A machine control receiver to improve the operating accuracy of your construction machinery. Used for permanent level control the FMR 700 receiver has a 360°
reception range.


    Length of receiving window: 25 cm

    Connect to the machine with screw clamps or with strong magnets.

Detects beam from rotating laser levels of any brand.

Remote display supplied with:-

Machine control receiver, built-in rechargeable battery, charger, 12/24V-battery cable, remote display with connection cable, hard case

Also supplied separately:-

    Machine control receiver FMR 706-M/C, built-in battery, charger, 12/24V battery cable, hard case
    Remote display with connection cable