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Gowin TKS 202 125-14016-6501

Topcon Gowin TKS 202

Product Description:

The Gowin total station provides an accurate, low cost measuring solution featuring:

Model NO.: TKS202
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Model Number: Tks-202
Magnifications: 30X
Protection Against Water and Dust: IP54(with Bt-L1 Battery)
Trademark: Topcon Gowin
Origin: China

Accuracy: 2mm
Brand Name: Topcon Gowin
Angle Measuring Accuracy: 2"
Distance Measuring Accuracy: ±(2mm 2ppm * D)M.S.E.
Tilt Correction Method: Liquid Type

2" angle accuracy provides 1/16th of an inch accuracy at 1,000ft.
Dual keyboards with and expanded numeric keypad for
faster data input.
Accurately measure up to 2,000m with a single prism.
Internal data storage for up to 24,000 points.
Single axis compensator with ±3' compensating range.
IP54 environmental protection rating.

Onboard software includes functions such as road, missing line measurement and resection. For added efficiency, it is compatible with all current Topcon® and Sokkia® field controllers with a GTS series conventional total station driver installed.